New Quiz: “How to Tell if Someone is a Nutcase”

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Fill in Section

1. Fill this is in: We will _____ math.

Reasoning Section

2. Have you solved the greatest mystery of the century? If so, who did it?

General Knowledge Section

3. Do you know the myth of Cybele? Do you believe it?

Emotionally Charged Section

4. What are your feelings on making abortion illegal? What are your feelings on the spelling of “illegal”?

5. What are your feelings on antiquated pronouns, and passive verbs? Do you feel comfortable using words in conversation that you know that 90% of people do not know?

6. What are your feelings on shooting the moon?

7. What are your feelings on numerology? Write a brief essay discussing what had to do with 9/11.

8. What do you think about squirrel pox, and do you sympathize for grey squirrels, or red squirrels?

Red squirrel feeding, summer coat

Grading Section

Grading available by email: YXRoZW5hIGF0IGZ1bmNpYSBkb3QgY29t .

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