Setna, are you still out there?

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I remember when I was IMing my friend Setna, and we were talking about his gaming addiction. Because of this addiction, I hadn’t talked to him in years. The exchange was fast, because Setna had mastered typing in cheat codes for his favorite games. I was trying to read what he had typed to me, when all of the sudden “BRB” flashed onto my computer screen. I almost had a seizure because of the annoying day-glo font colours he was using.

I sat there for an hour trying to do my reading assignment, but I kept glancing back at the screen, hoping he had come back. All of the sudden Mother called me to make hamburger helper. This was depressing. I am vegan. Still, more depressing was that I had just realised Setna pulled the same thing he did four years ago. He had broken his promise to “be right back.” I still wait and see, and am constantly logged onto my IMing programme. Setna, are you still out there? Are you playing WoW now or something?

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